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About Us

Who we are

We are a team of ambitious friends from the Austrian Brony Community known as „Bronies Austria“ and have known each other since the early days of the fandom. We have held many meetups or get-togethers and continue to hold them annually to this day. All of them are held in high regards based on feedback that we received over the years. Meetups vary from…

> Season start and finale

> Watching the newest episode together

> Celebrating Christmas, Halloween, and other holidays with our fellow Bronies

> and many more…

Our community is full of friendly and awesome people, scattered all across Austria who we have shared a decade of fun times and awesome parties with.

Feel free to join us on Facebook, Telegram or Discord.

What are we doing?

Our most ambitious project to date is to run a convention of our own. What we had in mind is a community based get-together focused on gathering as many bronies from as many places as possible.

Our focus lies less on the show, and more on the individual work of enthusiastic bronies who play an essential part in keeping this fandom alive. Through their specific works, whether it be writing, artistry, music, sculpting, hell…even memeing. Their contribution makes it all the more worth.

The main reason is the chance for you to meet new bronies from all around the planet which contributions and talents we want to show to a brighter audience. One could also see it as a sort of promotion and discover new artists, that you never knew existed. Just as an example.

And before you ask yourself: If you should come or not because you’re only enjoying content, not creating… Why of course we want you, what good is content if no one watches it? With you on board you already make the difference!

Our motivation is simple: The fandom doesn’t end if the show ends. The fandom ends if the community ends. And that is why we are starting a convention right now!

Why are we doing it?

It was always our dream to have our own convention set in the beautiful capital of our nation. And hence we see the community as very social we wanted to connect bronies and dive deeper into what our fandom is capable of creating and sharing.

Putting our main focus on the people watching My Little Pony rather then the show itself will be a major challenge for us, yet we intend to make it as awesome and memorable as possible.

Holding panels, workshops and sorts on our own, getting the possibility to experience what it means to be an organizer and shape a convention to our ideas and wishes is also pretty exciting for us. And hearing positive feedback afterwards, knowing that we did good, would be an unbelievably uplifting message to us all.

Granted this is is going to be a huge project and we are also new to running a convention, it won’t stop us from giving it all we got. We intend to deliver a certain standard and are as excited as we are thrilled to make this con happen!

What do we hope to achieve? What is our goal?

Our goal is to show and remind ourselves of what it means to be part of the My Little Pony-Fandom. What we, as a community have contributed over the years since we first started adventuring with our beloved nerdy purple bookhorse.

How we have grown, what we have learned and the memories we shared. We wish to remind ourselves of the true virtues of friendship and solace in finding people who share similar interests. We want to hear stories from you as well as telling our own.

We intend, not only to have a wonderful and memorable time, but also to prove that the show will live on in our hearts forever. That no matter the popularity of a show, it all lives depending on what the fans make of and with it.