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– Tickets will be available soon! –

For now the only way to purchase tickets is at our booth as our online shop is currently unavailable. We were present on some of the other european Pony Cons like GalaCon or Czequestria already so chances are you might’ve even seen us there before.  We’re working on the Ticket shop and are doing our best to make it available soon.

You can register for our newsletter to receive a message as soon as the Shop is available.

Many people have been asking us what the Community Support Option – Ticket is. To put it simple: If you‘re feeling generous you can buy this in addition to your ticket to support people from low-income countries, for example Russia or China, to give them a chance to attend at a lower price. 

You basically pay for a part of their ticket, making it more affordable for them, and giving them a chance to attend too. We will distribute the extra money on a fair basis amongst these people and will credit everyone who purchased the Community Support Option – Ticket.